Tile & Stone


Natural stone tiles have been a popular choice for both business and residential properties for some time. Typically, used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, conservatories, living areas, and for exterior paved areas, on walls and floors. They have remained popular as they are robust, practical, hardwearing, and hygienic, which suits the modern lifestyle

Uses Of Natural Stone


The use of natural stone not only has an appearance of elegance and sophistication with its natural beauty; it is timeless. It doesn’t become outdated or go out of fashion which is an added benefit, as you do not have to redesign your home every few years to keep up with the latest trends.
Natural stone tile flooring is often used to create a sense of space, by seamlessly using natural stone floor tiles throughout an interior area and exterior of your home, they can ‘open up’ an area. There are many natural stone floor materials, from marble tiles, limestone, granite tiles, to travertine tiles to choose from.
Marble tiles can create a classic, luxurious look, whilst slate tiles create a more rustic look. Highly polished limestone tiles create a contemporary feel and some travertine floor tiles manage to combine elegance with rustic style, so it all depends on preference. 

Advantages of Natural Stone Tile

 There are many practical advantages of using natural stone tiles throughout your home, here are ten of the benefits: 

•A natural stone floor provides a hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain, durable floor covering. 

•It adds value to your property. Natural stone flooring is timeless and not effected by fashion trends. 

•Its natural beauty has been used since the dawn of time and adds elegance to your property as it radiates a stylish and classy look. 

•Every piece of stone floor is unique and never identical. Each stone tile has special veining, coloring, and natural characteristics, creating a timeless floor covering. It is low maintenance. Natural stone tile is compatible, meaning it requires little in the way of maintenance. 

•Stone floors can help keep the climate cooler in your home, becoming a preferred choice for properties in warmer countries. 

•Stone flooring provides a hygienic floor surface that does not store dust, pet hairs, or skin, providing an ideal floor to keep clean. 

•It is the best option for those considering underfloor heating, as it is a good heat conductor. 

•Stone floors are very sturdy and durable, also being stain resistant giving you one less thing to worry about! 

•Easily maintained and cleaned. A regular soft brush and mop is all that is needed to clean stone floor tiles.   


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